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<h3 class="title1">Introduction<span class="title-end"></span></h3>
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<p>Solitude Jibowu is located within the popular mainland in Lagos. The well appointed space and well thought out rooms, give the guest a feeling of a safe home away from the hustle and bustle of the city.</p>
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<h3 class="title1">Facilities<span class="title-end"></span></h3>
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<li>Bar and Restaurant</li>
<li>Gym/Health Club</li>
<li>Swimming Pool</li>
<li>Conference Halls</li>
<li>WI-FI Internet connection</li>
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<h3 class="title1">Solitude Jibowu Rooms<span class="title-end"></span></h3>
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<p>Whether lounging by the hotel's pool or indulging in a variety of spa and beauty treatments, guests of this Victoria Island based accommodation enjoy limitless possibilities..</p>
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